Document translation

Document Translation

Document Translation types:

Technical translations:

Technical translation is the translation of technical documents or, specifically, texts that contain a high amount of terminology, such as words or phrases, virtually used within a specific profession, or that describe that profession in great detail. These are all documents that must be translated by an expert in the subject.

Official translations:

Official translation is the translation of any type of document carried out by a translator who is certified by an official body and therefore called an official translator, sworn translator, certified translator or expert translator, among other denominations. This type of translation bears a stamp on every page that certifies them.

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Through our large community of translators, you will find certified professional translators who will be able to translate your technical or official documents from all types industries in more than 20 languages.

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    Document translation

    Certified Translators

    We work with a team of certified translators in compliance with national regulations for the official translation of documents.  In addition, we always have available a large community of translators who specialize in different industries.

    • Prior preparation of translators
    • Full glossary of technical words
    • Full document review
    • Large volume capacity in translation

    Quality Process

    We constantly use technological tools that complement our quality processes to completely review of the information in the document to avoiding grammatical errors.

    • We monitor and review every word

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    We accept all kinds of file format.  If you have the physical document, you can go to one of our offices and we will take care of scanning the document.

    We have professional translators specialized in different sectors and certificates.  We can translate official, technical, personal, business documents, and much more.

    Yes.  Without calls, emails, or waiting, you can see how your translation process goes here.  By entering your email, you will always know how things are proceeding and at what stage it is in.

    The translation of a document depends primarily on its volume of words or pages.  A translation on average can take from 2 to 5 business days.

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