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 Productivity and Quality

The large size of our translator community at Smart Translators allows us to have specialized translators in an industry to provide you with quality translations.

Selection of translators

The quality of a translation depends on the quality of the process starting with the selection of the translator.

  • Since 1999, we have reviewed 385 resumes from approved professional translators and each month we receive more than 80 new ones.
  • We conduct translation testing based on an objective evaluation matrix which is conducted by Smart Translators reviewers who have a “trusted” status.
  • We maintain ongoing quality feedback from reviewers and project managers on each job which ultimately determines each translator’s score.

Translator Selection

The main Freelance platforms help us choose the best translator for your project.

  • Perfect combination between project and translator.
  • Automatic priority to the best performing translators in their field.
  • Creation of a specialized team of translators.
  • Guarantee of continuity in case of staff rotation.

Project Management

We automate all repetitive processes to free up more time for tasks that require human judgment.

  • Automatic project creation, from file processing to project instruction creation and translator selection.
  • Project managers can intervene when they deem it necessary, especially when selecting translators and proofreaders.
  • An intelligent management system informs project managers of any unforeseen errors such as an unanticipated delivery delay so they can take the necessary immediate action.

Quality Assurance

Technology helps our proofreaders evaluate translators’ work and keep our prices affordable.

  • Real-time quality control is performed during translation: Spell check, glossary, non-translatable text, local matches, formatting, white space, and double space.
  • Once the work is complete, a professional proofreader checks for spelling, grammar, terminology, style, and translation errors.
  • In Premium projects, the proofreader performs a full review of the text, adding another layer of quality control.

Final delivery

A well-established process allows us to always guarantee punctual deliveries.

  • After these checks, the manager finishes fine-tuning the last details and prepares all the documents into a single delivery package.
  • The same project manager is responsible for providing customer service once the project is delivered.
  • In the case of documents that require printing, we take care of delivering the package, sending it by courier or, if you prefer, you can pick it up at our main offices.


We follow the best practices and access technologies that help us improve the quality of our services and the development of our translations as they are a key part of Smart Translators.


Simultaneous translation is keeping up with the time. Now you can use your mobile device and listen to the translation in real time.

 Streaming Platforms

We use streaming platforms for large format events, for online radio, podcasting, and online radio.

The Correct Translator

Thanks to qualification tools we can make a precise selection of the translator for your project.

The translation agency you can trust because we have the numbers to prove it:


 fastest growing companies in the country.


of the main industries and sectors of the GDP.


Hours of translation in 2018 alone.

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